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Our Story

We are two friends who entered menopause without really knowing

A subtle change in mood here, slightly restless nights there, a little too hot, an extra pound (or ten). Not a big deal! Until it became gradually worse, and we had to face the music: the menopause banshee had invited herself, and she was here to stay! 

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Meet us!

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Hello, I am Nadege. When Michelle told me about her bars, I begged her to let me in! My natural state is to be anxious, so when menopause showed her ugly head, it translated into maximum stress for me. With my mind constantly racing, I couldn’t fall asleep, which lead to tiredness, which brought  more stress, and irritability, which lead to worse sleep . . . Are we having fun yet! Onya bars have made such a difference in my anxiety level! I am now able to fall asleep, so I am less tired, less irritable - although apparently, my family thinks that’s debatable . . . whatever . . . and definitely less anxious.  So when Michelle asked me to partner with her in order to help bring these great products to all women, my answer was “You betcha!


Hi, I am Michelle, a trained chef who learned the hard way about the healing power of food. When I started my menopause journey, I needed to find relief for my hot flashes. I wanted something natural, healthy, and effortless, something delicious that I could throw in my gym bag, eat while on the go, or snack on.  I searched the market for products that fit the description and found absolutely nothing, other than pills. So I created my own bars. And not to brag, but they are amazing. They are packed with fibers, nutrients, are 100% natural, kosher, vegan, dairy free, soy free, have no refined sugar, or preservatives. I included ashwagandha and maca, two adaptogens that help relieve menopause symptoms. I eat one bar every day, and have managed to keep my hot flashes at bay. Take that, menopause!