Q&A With Dr Vanessa Parisi, from HerMD

Q&A With Dr Vanessa Parisi, from HerMD


By Nadege Nicoll. Contributing Author: Dr. Vanessa M. Parisi


When we enter menopause, it feels like we gradually become invisible to the world.

See no menopausal women
Hear no menopausal Women
Speak no menopause word!


Although this narrative is slowly changing, we still have a long way to go before we reach menopause cruise control. Thankfully, there are some amazing game changers in the arena.

Introducing HerMD.  

Founded by gynecologist Dr Somi Javaid, HerMD is dedicated to supporting women's health and sexual wellness, which becomes a more prominent topic when hormones go awol. HerMD thrives to "educate, advocate, and empower", by listening to women and giving them the attention they deserve. If that's what you have been waiting for -who hasn't? - look no further!

HerMD's mission resonates with ONYA's goal of creating an environment where women in their 40s and beyond shine, are unapologetic, confident, and empowered. Needless to say, we felt an instant attraction . . .

Here is our Q&A with Dr Vanessa M. Parisi.

Q: What are the three main reasons patients come to HerMD?

Dr Vanessa M. Parisi: Three main reasons patients come to HerMD include patient-centered care, evidence-based solutions, and life-changing outcomes. At HerMD, we take the time to truly understand your health concerns and partner with you on your healthcare journey to give you the care you deserve. 


Q: What are the unique services you are offering?

Dr Vanessa M. Parisi: Our team is hyper-focused on the underserved specialties of menopause and sexual health. We offer in-person and virtual care for sexual health, menopause, gynecology, and medical aesthetics. With an expert team of board-certified OBGYNs, healthcare providers, aestheticians, and a wide network of referral partners, we partner with you to bring you the healthcare you deserve. Don’t worry though, we are still available for your general gynecological and surgical needs as well! 


Q: During your medical training as OBs, how big a topic was menopause?

Dr Vanessa M. Parisi: In medical school didactics, we briefly touched on the basics of menopause. I don't recall if we even had a full hour lecture on it. As most of our rotations were in the hospital clinic setting, I did not have much exposure to menopausal patients. I received excellent training in residency, but again we were limited by the demographics of our patients and their insurances. Thankfully, it has been incorporated into medical student and resident education, and there is a greater focus now, but more is still needed!

In my early years of practice, I realized I was ill-prepared to counsel and treat menopausal patients and I pursued further education through The International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH), and I became a certified menopause provider via The Menopause Society (NAMS). This led me to HerMD, and from there, the learning curve was exponential. HerMD University has equipped me with evidence-based medicine and so many unique tools to help my patients improve their quality of life.  


Q: You sell vibrators in your office. What would you tell patients who have never used one before?

Dr Vanessa M. Parisi: We do! At HerMD, we believe sexual health care is health care. Not only have vibrator use been shown to make it easier to achieve orgasm and increase the capacity for orgasms, but they can improve your pelvic health. In a recent systematic review of the literature, researchers found that vibrator use improved pelvic floor muscle strength, improved incontinence, and facilitated treatment of vulvodynia. More research will need to be done to prove this relationship!


To learn more about HerMD, their locations, and the trailblazer women at the helm, visit HerMD | The Care You Deserve