My Fitness Tracker is Messing With My Family

My Fitness Tracker is Messing With My Family

Lately, as in, over the past 5 years, I have been complaining about feeling lousy, having no energy, gaining weight by looking at food, and not sleeping well. I am at that age, you know . . . yes . . . that age. 

So, my husband took matters into his own hands and found a cure to my menopause: he got me a fitness tracker.

After I stopped talking to him for a week -or ten (I don't remember, I have brain fog . . . ) I decided to break the silent treatment, and asked him, genuinely curious about his thought process, “What the f&@% is wrong with you?”

And here’s what he said: “This thing monitors your activity, how much you move, how many calories you burn, and how well you sleep. You should set yourself some goals, and try to increase your activity little by little, and see how it affects your sleep, and overall well-being.”

Well, that did not sound like a rehearsed speech at all!

The thing is, I don't need to wear a bracelet to tell me how I sleep. Watching the clock go by, from 2am to 4.30am is a pretty good indicator.

But I am a nice wife (sometimes), so I decided to humor him, and wear my new device. In doing so, I learnt something really interesting.

On my worst, laziest day, I move more than all the members of my household put together. No, I do not cheat by putting the bracelet around my dogs’ collar and throwing a tennis ball from the comfort of my sofa, like some smart mouths living under my roof suggested, I actually move A LOT! I pile on miles after miles after miles, just by being home. Which convinced me that I should definitely not attempt to exercise, as the stats would be off the charts, and most likely ruin my tracker. For that reason alone, I am forever grateful to my loving husband.

What started as a present that almost landed my spouse in the doghouse for years, ended up being life changing for the better. I have significantly increased my demands on everyone at home, to run errands for me. Whenever anybody argues that they don't have time, or are too tired, I point at my fitness tracker. I don't need to say anything. I just put my smug face on, the one I acquired when my bracelet congratulated me on my 10th mile of the day (It just happened once, but no one needs to know that), and wave my arm, from the comfort of my chair. Sometimes, I spare an explanation "See that? It says 5.4 miles and it's only 6pm, so yeah, YOU are going to the supermarket, to get some steps. Clearly, I don't need any!" 

I LOVE my fitness tracker.