Menopause: The Great Equalizer Of The Sisterhood

Menopause: The Great Equalizer Of The Sisterhood

Do you ever wonder what it would take to live in a world that doesn't judge others on arbitrary, self-imposed ideas of perfection and righteousness? What is this idealistic world where people would be treated the same, regardless of their wealth, looks, successes or failures, luck or lack of thereof?

The menopause world. That’s what.

Menopause, is the great equalizer of the sisterhood. It does not discriminate on background, education, race, intelligence. It does not care what you look like, who you pray to, how you vote, what gender you identify with, who you love, or how you think. Menopause only cares about one thing: do you own a vagina? If the answer is "yes" , then you’re in! Membership granted, at some point around your fourth or fifth decade. Try as I might, I cannot think of any other event, place or concept more inclusive than that.

It is true that some women experience a wider variety of symptoms, or worse ones than others, so it’s not a totally egalitarian society. If your goal is to poo-poo on my reasoning, I will give you that much. BUT, even if the menopause experience can be more or less intense, there is some comfort in knowing who is in charge of this whole process. The “authority” who chooses if symptoms are a breeze or a bummer is not some superior jackass distributing hot flashes however they may please, based on their arbitrary criteria for most deserving of a crappy experience. The “authority” is Mother Nature. And She can do whatever She pleases, because no one messes with Her.

So you can be a pessimist, and view menopause as the end of fertility. Or, you can be a realist, and think of it as the beginning of a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. Menopause is our entry ticket to an idealistic society that gives zero effs about how beautiful, or powerful we are.  No matter how we dress, if we are married or single, had kids or pets, breast fed vs bottle fed, rent vs bought, travelled, recycled, WHATEVER! No matter any of it, sooner or later, we will be boarding the menopause cruise, just like every other female. And none of the irrelevant sh*t we pay so much attention to will make a difference to this fact.

So, love your sister-lady, and buckle up (do cruise ships have seat belts?), it’s going to be a crowded ride! And like many things in life, knowing that you are not alone, and that you have a whole community supporting you, can be the difference between a miserable experience, and a jolly good time. Pretty much like riding a roller coaster, tripping and falling, or watching paint dry, menopause can be a riot when well accompanied.

If you have gone through menopause already, you know this to be true, If you are at the beginning of your journey, welcome aboard. Leave all taboos and judgments at the door, and join us. We have the biggest support group on the planet - about a billion gals, give or take. 

Menopausely yours,