Menopause In The Workplace

Menopause In The Workplace


If you are a working woman, and have been for most of your adult life, you are already familiar with the female career path that is reserved just for us ladies. 

"First, there was sexism . . . "  Less career opportunities, less advancement, and less money than our male counterparts. And although there has been much progress made for our daughters, we are still not quite on an equal foot yet.

"Then there was pregnancy discrimination" Women carry babies, so women get out of work. When they return, they are expected to perform 110% while their life is being turned upside down by a tiny human. At this stage, a fair amount of us just give up, faced with impossible choices, and debilitating sleep deprivation.

"Finally, there is ageism" And the trilogy is complete!! Whether you had babies or not, fought your way through while juggling home obligations, had to perform more for less pay, and still managed to somehow "do it", guess what? You are not done with the hurdles yet. Menopause just knocked on the door!  And it doesn't give two hoots about the importance of your meetings, or whether you need a good night sleep. It's gonna rock your world and test your limits, while your work environment won't know, or won't want to know what you are going through. 

In the UK and Australia, employers are paying attention to their menopausal workforce, and are acknowledging that a little help can go a long way. Afterall, we have a wealth of experience, and have proven our worth more than we care to remember -and that's not because we have brain fog!

Read this story by Kim Napier "During Menopause, Women Suffer In Silence At Work. Experts Want To Change That". And hope that your boss reads it as well . . .